Agni Kai

by Solaris

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released August 13, 2013



all rights reserved


Solaris Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Agni Kai
This is vengeance.
Track Name: Blame
You only have yourself to blame

We only have ourselves to blame

Yet you seem to find justification in blaming someone else
(You cast the blame)
You build an argument on the backs of others

Take a step back
And look in the mirror
(Can you even see yourself?)

Do you even see yourself?
Or just the faces of those that you have handed the fault to?
Do you even see yourself?

No one can wash the blood from your hands
No one's hands are clean

Just you wait

Everything will come crashing down around you
Every judgement that you've cast
Returned a thousand fold
There will be no jury
There will be no trial
There will be no mercy

You will answer for every word that you've spoken
Every finger that you've pointed will be broken

You only have yourself to blame
Can you even admit it?

You are to blame
But you can't admit it
You are to blame
Can't you just admit it?
Track Name: Void
Hollow and empty
What once was, is no more
The beauty of life and its presence have all vanished into the air

Locked into this pale state
Left helpless, tossed into the void

I have succumb; yielded to the devices of my imperfection
No solace to answer my cries

Twisting and turning
Every corner of these catacombs
Distorts my perception, contorts my heart
Wrenching it into submission

Is life worth living when we've become heartless?
Can purpose be found, and substance reclaimed?

Condemned. Silenced.
Forever banished.
Into the void.

I may never return.
I may never see the light of day again.

Isolated. Severed.
Bound eternal.
Within the void.